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Club taken on transatlantic landscape tour

February 2012

Sometimes the photographer must look for the picture within the picture. That was the message during the latest guest speaker talk at Knaresborough Camera Club.

The message came from fine art landscape and travel photographer Mark Sunderland who showed club members a collection of images depicting nature’s relentless war of attrition against the landscape through the combined forces of heat, water and wind. His work has been widely published in magazines and books.

He told members that sometimes the photograph was found by delving further into the scene. He said:

“Nature often throws so much at us – but sometimes the challenge is to be selective. We need to zoom in to capture the significant part of it.”

This approach, he added, also allowed the photographer to be creative, providing many opportunities to be abstract.

His “Transatlantic” themed talk is the culmination of a ten-year project and took the club audience from America’s South West to Europe and back west to California and demonstrated this abstract technique with striking views of rocky outcrops that took on metallic characteristics, shimmering sand dunes and the swirling spume of streams.

Club members learnt about the hallmarks of landscape photography and how scenes change dramatically depending on time and vantage point.  Mark also explained his preference for taking manual light readings especially when faced with highly contrasting scenes such as the imposing mountain and desert areas of Arizona, Utah and Wyoming or when standing at the foot of a dominant waterfall in Iceland.

Mark’s “Transatlantic” collection of images has been created chiefly using film-based medium and large format cameras but it also charts his migration towards digital capture of landscape starting in 2005.

Knaresborough Camera Club officials say their group is building a strong reputation for the calibre of its speakers who are keen to share their insights and hope this will help draw more members.

The club meets on Wednesdays at Park Grove Methodist Hall at 7.45pm. The programme also features workshops to help beginners and well-versed enthusiasts develop their skills and competitions to showcase their efforts.

Anyone who would like to join or visit can contact secretary Steve Moull on 542884. Further information is also available at

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