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New camera club chairman focuses on learning

Press release: June 2012

Spending time with photography enthusiasts can often be more productive than reading a manual, according to Knaresborough Camera Club’s new chairman Richard Bryant.

Richard, who takes up the role from outgoing chairman John Minary, believes this is why the club’s events programme of competitions, demonstrations, talks and outdoor photo shoots continues to be a major draw for new and existing members.

Under his chairmanship, a key role will be to demystify the technology that has transformed the pastime in recent years. He said: “The apparent complexity of these products can appear intimidating to us amateurs when, in reality, a little friendly advice can unlock creative talents that many of us did not think we possessed.

“The advent of digital technology and the enormous array of camera products and software image manipulation tools on the market mean there has never been a better time to explore photography and discover just what can be achieved.

“In particular, for anyone who is new to digital photography, spending time with fellow enthusiasts can be far more productive than reading a user manual. Software products like Photoshop can appear impenetrable but having a fellow club member show the basics is a great way to cut through the jungle of technical jargon.”

Richard wants to see the club staying ahead of the game, exploring new trends and techniques and embracing on-line communities but he is particularly looking forward to seeing more members develop their skills to competitive level and share their knowledge.

He added: “Seeing new members taking their first ever photographs using studio lights, producing their first mounted prints and achieving their first competition success is, as chairman, truly gratifying."

And the new chairman believes that North Yorkshire provides a wealth of opportunities especially for landscape photography. He said: “Having just spent a couple of days in Swaledale with my camera, two of the most important things that inspire me to make photographs are our glorious countryside and sharing them with the membership of Knaresborough Camera Club.”

The club meets at Park Grove Church Hall on Wednesdays during its winter programme and organises outdoor photo shoots during summer. It welcomes new members of all levels. For further details, visit www.knaresborough.co.uk/cameraclub or check out its images on Flickr or contact club secretary Steve Moull on 01423 542884.