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Members present and past

Richard Bryant
Richard Bryant: the club chairman's earliest photography memories are of changing film in his father's Kodak Brownie 127 in a darkened room. Although he's had cameras ever since, Richard believes that it's only in the past ten years that digital technology has encouraged him to explore his photography. Joining the club, he adds, has taught him to be self critical but confident in what he's trying to achieve. Some of Richard's work can be seen at www.flickr.com/photos/knaresboroughphoto

Steve Moull, Knaresborough Camera Club
Steve Moull: 
a lasting legacy
The club lost a great secretary when Steve Moull died in March 2015. It owes him so much, thanks to his passion for encouraging everyone to get involved and enjoy taking pictures. Working tirelessly until early 2014, he was responsible for devising the club's packed events programme which was always well received and designed to allow members and guests to take their photography to the next level. Steve encouraged and nurtured. We miss him greatly.

Sue Evison, Knaresborough Camera Club
Sue Evison
Sue Evison has been 'into' photography for more than four decades and started in the days of homemade darkrooms and manual light metering. She's fascinated by the light and particularly likes photographing butterflies, flowers and landscapes, but anything will do.' See her work at http://www.flickr.com/photos/eyecons/

Mike Morley.
Mike Morley has been an active member since joining the club in 2008 and has won several of its competitions. He won the August 2010 Amateur Photographer competition with a portrait of his chicken-pox struck young son complete with gelled Mohican hair style (see our Image of the Month section) that the magazine's editor described as "a work of brilliance."  Mike's work can be viewed at www.MikeMorley.co.uk

Jean Hiscutt, Knaresborough Camera Club
Jean Hiscutt
Jean Hiscutt says: "I've been taking photos ever since I bought my first camera at 11 years old. It cost 2s 6p from Woolworths. It was made of plastic, but I thought it was great. My equipment has improved greatly since then. I take pics of anything. I'm going through a stage of using lots of sunlight and shadow – lots of contrast. Can't get my head round Photoshop though but maybe someday it will sink in."

Janet Tankard, Knaresborough Camera Club
Janet Tankard
Janet Tankard already had experience of amateur and student photography before she joined the club, but says joining in 2009 was a watershed moment for her. Now she rates her experience at the club as being worth more than any college course. Janet has often experimented with flash, photoshop and photographic rule-breaking. A contrasting combination of both pastoral and experimental images won her the 2012 club league. 

Karen Noble
Los Angeles-born Karen Noble joined in 2009 and enjoys learning something new in a friendly environment. Her specialist area is children which emerged in 2006 when she created five yearbooks for Bilton Grange Primary School, photographing every aspect of the school where she was a parent governor for four years. Karen's love of photography dates back to high school where she learned about film and developing the old-fashioned way. She still has the film camera her dad lent her at the time. She's been a UK resident since 2005 having also lived in Alice Springs, Australia, where her children were born. 

Ian Reagan, Knaresborough Camera Club
Ian Reagan
Ian Reagan has been taking pictures since he was a boy (Ah, the joys of 110 cameras with 24 exposures! he recalls) but became interested in honing and developing his skills when he bought his first proper DSLR about five years ago. He can often be seen tramping around the local area with his trusty Canon EOS looking for that "elusive perfect picture."  Ian also enjoys doing photoshoots for the portfolios of new models and examples of his photography can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49155931@N06/sets/

Mike Wood, Knaresborough Camera Club
Mike Wood
Mike Wood, who joined in 2011, has had a long standing interest in photography. His early days were spent using a Zenit 3M with black and white film and development and printing in a darkroom at home. Digital photography is a massive step forward from those days and he doesn't miss the mixing and handling of chemicals not to mention washing prints in the bath. However, it has also brought new challenges and Mike enjoys improving his skills and understanding through the club's informal workshops and friendly competitions. He believes the feedback from competition judges provides a valuable source of learning.

Mervin Straughan, Knaresborough Camera Club
Mervin Straughan
Mervin Straughan joined in 2011 and enjoys learning something new 'just about every week.' He's an advocate for the power of compacts often and therefore a fan of the phrase 'the best camera is the one you have with you.' To prove the point he won a national travel competition with a Canon no bigger than a box of matches. Mervin's pictures can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/beautifulnorthyorkshire

Chris Coupland
Chris Coupland doesn't mind travelling to be in good company making the weekly journey to Knaresborough from his home town of Selby. He's had an interest in photography since school more than 40 years ago, Over the past 15 years, he's undertaken portrait and wedding photography and won several awards including the Kennel Club portrait competition. In spring 2015, Chris threw the doors open on his new studio and now runs Memories Photography Selby full time. Studio details are available at www,memoriesphotographyselby.co.uk. His work can also be found on Facebook Memories Photography Selby.

Jill Archer, Knaresborough Camera Club
Jill Archer
Jill Archer's interests and skills are many and reflected in her diverse photographic works. She has exhibited in North Yorkshire and along with her portrait and wedding photography has been commissioned to provide images of children for a series of educational books, the first of which is to be published in October.

John Minary is a past chairman of the club. His web site can be accessed by clicking the image.

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  1. Mark Webster
    been in the club forever but still as keen. Has had three pictures accepted by the YPU in a lifetime!


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