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Pictorial competition: members get the big picture

20 October 2012

"Gondola Gondola" by Emma Landers took first place
in the projected pictorial category.
Knaresborough Camera Club’s first competition of the season saw members rising to the challenge and reaching new levels of creativity.

Chairman Richard Bryant said this year’s pictorial contest had produced first class results with members working hard to compose and create highly original images. This view was echoed by external judge Peter Thomson who said it provided him with a difficult task.

Richard said: "It’s clear that members are putting into practice the learning from recent practical sessions and the valuable insights they have gained from our guest speakers and judges from previous contests. The competitions are where all this learning comes together.

" Square View" by Kathy Hammond took first
in the print pictorial category.
"It never ceases to amaze just how creative the entries are among both newcomers and those of us who have been with the club a little longer. This first competition has set the standard for the rest of the season.

The results on the night were:

Print category: 1, Kathy Hammond ‘Square View;’ 2, Mark Webster ‘Stars;’ 3, Mike Wood ‘The Parrot and the Maggot;’ 4, Mark Webster ‘Hedgerow Rainbow.’

Highly commended were: Janet Tankard with entries ‘Olympic Flame’ and ‘Peacock Finery’; Mike Morley with entries ‘Ice Hikers’ and ‘Homegrown Tulip;’ Mark Webster with Coldstone’s Girl;’ Jean Hiscutt with ‘Garden Hut’ and Richard Bryant with ‘Kew in Summer.’

Mark Webster's "Sea View" took first 
in the projected plus pictorial category.
Projected category: 1, Emma Landers ‘Gondola, Gondola;’ 2, Andrew Munden ‘Been Flying;’ 3, Alex Straughan ‘End of the Road;’ 4, Karen Noble ‘Cross.’

Highly commended were: Mike Wood with entries ‘Boredom,’ ‘Early Viewing Recommended,’ ‘New Campsite Parking Arrangements’ and ‘Jubilee Joy’ and Jean Hiscutt with ‘Church Doorway.’

Projected Plus category: 1, Mark Webster ‘Sea View;’ 2, Mike Morley ‘Mountain Scene;’ Mervin Straughan ‘Dream Machine;’ 4, Mike Morley ‘Cable Car.’

Highly commended were: Richard Bryant with entries ‘Frozen Furrows’ and ‘Harvest Evening;’ Janet Tankard with ‘Galloway Storm’ and Sue Evison with ‘Please Use Other Door.’

The club meets at Park Grove Church Hall on Wednesdays from autumn until spring for its indoor programme and organises outdoor photo shoots at various locations in the district during summer. It welcomes new members of all levels. For further details, please visit
www.knaresboroughcameraclub.blogspot.co.uk or check out more images on Flickr or contact club secretary Steve Moull on 01423 542884.

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