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Mike's concert competition image hits a high note

3 December 2012

A real crowd pleaser: Mike's winning concert shot taken at ISO 3200.
You can be sure that national magazines are usually swamped with quality entries for competitions so when a judge says she's found the winning picture the moment she sees it, you know you've impressed.

This was the reaction to a submission by the club's Mike Morley in the Amateur Photographer magazine forum November round which took the Number One spot.

The aim of the round was to see how entrants made use of high ISO beyond 1600 to explore texture and creativity. Mike's shot entitled Outdoors Late-night Concert Crowd was taken at 3200.

Last month, we reported on how he had secured a runner up spot in the October round. Mike's prize is a Samsung 32GB micro SD card, with SD adapter for the winner

Judge Gemma Padley said: "The moment I saw this image I knew I'd found my winning picture in this round. It's often difficult to pinpoint exactly why an image catches your eye over and above another but I will try to explain why I think this is image is so strong. 

"Firstly, I love the silhouetted figure towards the left of the scene.  He commands the space so well without being overbearing. It seems odd to talk about the character of this person when we can't see his face or make out anything about him, but even though he is a silhouette he is a very strong presence, indeed the focal point of the image.

"The light source positioned neatly above him in the top left-hand corner is another compositionally strong feature and draws the eye first. I love how the golden light gently outlines the gaggle of people in the image. The use of light here is super - it is as much a character in the scene as the figures themselves.

"If you don't read the title and look solely at the picture, it remains unclear where these people are or what they are doing in much the same way as the third placed image. Again this adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the image, which is why it is my top image this month. "

The full story can be found on the Amateur Photographer website here

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