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Image of the Month: May 2013

Each month, we invite a club member to tell the story behind a photograph they have taken. This month's submission comes from Janet Tankard who explains how and why she took this striking image.

Janet Tankard, Knaresborough Camera Club, Image of the Month
'Pathway Embrace' by Janet Tankard.

I took this shot on Harrogate’s ringway footpath near Knaresborough. The deserted avenue of trees and the texture of leaves on the ground were set off beautifully by the bright autumn colours and the hint of lighter sky at the far end of the path.

The trees bowed towards each other a little — I have emphasised this slightly in a few select areas using Photoshop, but the shot did not need a lot of work.

I took this shot crouched down close to the ground to prevent the path from dominating, and to allow a view of the light in the leaves overhead.

It looks like a wide angle shot but, in fact, I stood back and zoomed in, which has the effect of flattening the distance and making the patch of light orange leaves in the centre appear larger, creating a good focal point.

Shot using 5D and 24-105L

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