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Image of the Month: September 2013

Detroit Airport is our latest Image of the Month and comes from club member Sue Evison who tells us the story behind the taking of it.

Detroit Airport by Sue Evison.

I do a lot of travelling to the USA as my parents are still there. Having endured many layovers, I have become interested in making images of the microcosm of life which one finds in the world's airports as well as their diverse architecture and art. I try to take at least one photo in each airport I visit, even if I have to use my phone to do it.

Not having visited my birth-city of Detroit in more than 30 years, I was surprised to see that they had modernized Detroit Metro, which now has several concourses, and has a monorail in one of them, and a tunnel running between them.

The Light Tunnel is a new feature. Here is part of their own website description: "The Light Tunnel installation features glass panels with sand-blasted artwork created by The Light Tunnel installation features glass panels with sand-blasted artwork created by Foxfire Glass of Pontiac, Mich., which are illuminated by nearly 9,000 ft. of LED lighting designed—and synchronized to an original score —by Mills James of Columbus, Ohio. 

"The display is one of the first, large scale uses of color-changing LED lighting in the United States."

My image features one of the tunnel ends, and shows the escalators and people movers. Only a little of the light sculptures show in my photo, but I liked the people who were travelling and all the activity. I had to steady my camera on my case, as I never travel with a tripod handy, and of course, had to boost my ISO to a figure which I hardly ever use. The image was taken on a little Canon SX200 IS.

I don't believe any photographer with a little time on their hands could have resisted the urge to make a record of this structure. Moral of the story: Keep a camera handy when you travel.

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