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Image of the Month: October 2013

Our image of the month of a mother polar bear and her cub was captured by club member Mike Morley who tells us the story behind taking it.

I went on my first ever wildlife photography holiday this summer to Svalbard, a group of Norwegian Islands in the Arctic North. We had a week sailing on a small ship and went out mornings and afternoons in the zodiacs to take photos. 

Three thousand bears live on the islands but you can only hope to see a polar on an expedition as they lead solitary lives walking over large areas. We were very lucky to encounter ten bears on our trip including this 15 year-old mother who had two six-month-old cubs. 

We followed them in the zodiacs slowly for about 15 minutes as they walked along the beach in search of seals to eat and I captured this great moment between the mother and one of the cubs. 

The mother was wearing a satellite tracking collar and had a number painted on it as scientists are becoming concerned with the decline in the number of bears due to global warming in the region.

It was taken from a moving boat handheld with a 400mm lens at 1/1600 second. 


  1. Fantastic shot! And what a great opportunity to shoot wildlife!! Glad to know you shot with a 400mm -- that means you were plenty far away enough to be safe!! :) xx

  2. Brilliant image, Mike! Congrats....


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