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Image of the Month: November 2013

November's submission comes from club member Wendy Ferguson who describes the story behind capturing this image of Upper Antelope Canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon by Wendy Ferguson.
The Antelope Canyons are located in Page, Arizona, on Navajo Nation land. There are two of them: Upper and Lower.

They are formed by erosion of the sandstone over millions of years to form hidden twisty slots with beautiful curves and swirls in the rocks.

The prime time to visit is between 11am and 2pm in June, July and August. 

The overhead sun brings additional light into the canyon and beams of light from above produces a myriad of colours: amber red, orange, yellow and brown. Occasionally, a flurry of sand descends from the top of the canyon and is illuminated by the sunlight.

While we were there, a Navajo Indian played his flute in one of the recesses which echoed throughout the canyon. He told us that the haunting tunes were handed down from generation to generation and that the canyons are a sacred place to the Navajo.

Ian (husband) passed the time talking to two Navajo girls about the price of petrol and the Beckhams.

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