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2013-2014 Portrait Competition: winning shots

Dracula by Mike Morley took first place in the Print category.

This image of a Bald Eagle taken over the hills of Vancouver, Canada,
won Chris Coupland first place in the Projected category.
The Fighter by Mervin Straughan took first place
in the Projected Plus category.

The judge for the evening was Richard Egan FRPS, of Black Dog White Wall and York Photographic Society. The placed entries were as follows:

Print category: 1. Dracula, Mike Morley; 2. Thai Boxer's Thirst Quencher; Mervin Straughan; 3. I am Smiling, Karen Noble; 4. Merry Christmas,
Mike Morley.
Highly commended were Harriers, Mark Webster and She's Got the Look, Mike Wood.

Projected category: 1. Bald Eagle, Chris Coupland; 2. Boy's Toys, Jane Rowland; 3. The Master, Hazel Shaw; 4. Sheltie, Chris Coupland.
Highly Commended was Clean up by Alex Straughan.

Projected Plus category: 1. The Fighter, Mervin Straughan; 2. Sophie, Mike Morley; 3. Albert, Mike Wood; 4. Strength, Karen Noble.
Highly Commended was Flower Girl by Janet Tankard.

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