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Image of the Month: February 2014

February's image depicts a Douglas DC-3, affectionately known as The Dakota, and comes from club member Ian Ferguson who tells the story behind taking it.

During a visit to Telford I found myself with time on my hands so decided to visit the Royal Air Force museum at nearby RAF Cosford.

The Dakota is housed in the cold war hangar and therefore has very little natural light.

Fortunately; directly above the aircraft there is a sky light which lights mainly the front of the aircraft. As a rule, in photography, direct overhead light is avoided wherever possible but here I think it gives shape to, and emphasises the detail of the fuselage.

I concentrated on the cockpit area of the aircraft because of the available light, and by using a low view point I used the shadow of the roof as a dark background.

As the image was almost monochrome, very little conversion was needed. This was done using Photoshop.

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