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Guest speaker guidance notes

Knaresborough Camera Club promises its members a varied photographic programme. A key selling point is our "learning together" approach where we ensure as best we can that members learn something new at each meeting.

Knaresborough Camera Club has a membership that covers the spectrum of abilities: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each has different needs but shares the same hunger for photographic knowledge.

Our evenings are designed to be informative and fun but equally must provide the best possible value for money for members. Guest speaker presentations form an important part of the club's indoor programme, and, over the years, have followed a variety of themes.

The brief
Members tell us that the most memorable guest speaker presentations have helped provide photographic insight or have inspired. One of our most successful talks to date involved the presenter explaining the challenges behind switching from portrait to landscape photography and the do's and don'ts. Another that was well received focused on the art of time-lapse photography and the myriad of challenges posed and the amount of preparation required.

However, disappointing talks have been memorable for the wrong reasons such as where the speaker has failed to provide any photographic knowledge. 

Key points
  • Presentations must have photographic relevance. Travelogues are only fine if they impart photographic knowledge.
  • We want to see quality images and hear about the challenges in capturing them or the inspiration behind taking them.
  • While we do not want a litany of lens settings or jargon to interfere with the flow of the delivery, we do want to hear some technical aspects such as why a particular aperture, shutter speed or while balance setting was chosen.
  • Speakers should keep to the allotted time.
  • Speakers should not use the opportunity to advertise products or services.
  • Before seeking speaking opportunities at our club, speakers should ask themselves whether or not the subject matter provides a photographic insight and fulfills the brief.

We look forward to your talk