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2014-2015 Open Competition

Bamburgh Morning took first prize for John Ash in the print category.

Nantgwynant took first prize in the projected category for Richard Bryant.

Wendy Ferguson's Mesa Arch, Utah, won first prize in the projected plus category.


Print category: 1. Bamburgh Morning by John Ash; 2. Hut Porches by Sue Evison; 3. Storm Brewing by Richard Bryant; 4. Fountains in Nice by Gillian Duckett. Highly commended: RAF Menwith Hill at Sunset by Karen Noble; High Life by Richard Bryant; Road to Wasdale Head by John Ash.

Projected category: 1. Nantgwynant by Richard Bryant; 2. Cathedral Cove by Celia Sharp; 3. Take the Tube by Richard Bryant; 4. Sheikh Zaved Mosque by Stuart Hartharn. Highly commended: Don't Look Down by Alan Pounder; Fireworks by Alan Pounder; Determination by John Davison; Wind Power Steering by Hazel Shaw.

Projected plus category: 1. Mesa Arch, Utah by Wendy Ferguson; 2. Wanna Play? by Andrew Munden; 3. Time to Go Home by Mike Morley; 4. Monument Valley Sunrise by Wendy Ferguson. Highly commended: Strangers in the Night by Mike Wood; Skippers by Sue Evison; Craghopper by Mervin Straughan.

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