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2014-2015 Monochrome Competition winners

Sitting by John Ash took first prize in the print category.
Mosque Oman took the honours in the projected
category for Stanley Sills.
Saltburn Pier netted John Ash his second top scorer of the evening. 
It secured first place in the projected plus section.


Print category: 1. Sitting by John Ash; 2.Generations by Karen Noble; 3. Welcome Home by Karen Noble; Blossom on the Stray by Mike Morley. Highly commended: Colour Not Needed by Karen Noble; Lindisfarne by John Ash.

Projected category: 1. Mosque Oman by Stanley Sills; 2. The Exchange by Ian Ferguson; 3. Ironbridge by Ian Ferguson; 4. Dawn at Monument Valley by Ian Ferguson. Highly commended: Brownlee Brothers – Photo Finish by Jane Rowland; The Lead Working's Gone but the Water Flows On by Stuart Hartharn.

Projected plus category: 1. Saltburn Pier by John Ash; 2.Leap of Faith by Mike Morley; 3.Winter Footpath by Mike Morley; 4. Reflections  Redrock Lake by Wendy Ferguson. Highly commended: Gibson Mill by Karen Noble; Waiting by Alex Straughan.

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