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2014-2015 Chairman's Choice compeitition winners

The Fly took first prize in the print
category for Andrew Munden.

Richard Bryant took the top honours
in the projected category.
Sempervivium Tectorum (House Leek) earned the top
spot in the projected plus category for Andrew Munden


Print category
1. The Fly by Andrew Munden; 2. Testing a Bee's Patience by Mervin Straughan; 3. An Insect from My Garden by Mike Morley; 4. When Drops Collide by Alan Pounder 
Highly commended: Orchid by Mick Gee; A Long and Twisting Road by Stan Sills; Y? Why Not? by Karen Noble; A Spider on My Car by Mike Morley.

Projected category
1. Say Aaagh! by Richard Bryant; 2. Dark Side of the Splash by Alan Pounder; 3. Guitar Hero by Jane Rowland; 4. Fire! Fire! Fire! by Hazel Shaw.
Highly commended: Stamen in Lily by Stan Sills; Meadow Seeds by Ian Ferguson; Bumblebee in Foxglove by Susanne Frusher; Green Bubbles by Alan Pounder

Projected Plus category
Sempervivium Tectorum (House Leek) by Andrew Munden; 2. Poppy by Wendy Ferguson; 3. Coffee with Curdled Cream by Mervin Straughan; 4. Leaf Study by Andrew Munden.
Highly commended: The Heist by Andrew Munden; Common Blue by Wendy Ferguson; Late Shift Ladbybird by Mervin Straughan; A Single Flame by Karen Noble.

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