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2014-2015 Annual Competition winners


Lindisfarne View by John Ash took first place in the print category.
Jane Rowland's Droplets won first place in the projected category.
Mike Morley's impressionist-looking Oil Rig in a Snowstorm
took the top honours in the projected plus category

Print category: 1. Lindisfarne View by John Ash; 2. Testing a Bee's Patience by Mervin Straughan; 3. Mono Lisa by Andrew Munden; 4. Northern Lights by Mike Morley. Highly commended: Four Generations by Karen Noble; A Splash on the Dark Side by Alan Pounder; Herb Rocket by Richard Bryant; Harrogate Super Nova by Mike Wood; Bamburgh Morning by John Ash.

Projected category: 1. Droplets by Jane Rowland; 2. Help by Richard Bryant; 3. Patience Rewarded by Richard Bryant; 4. Must be Lunchtime by Ian Ferguson. Highly commended: Commando Statue in front of Ben Nevis by Stan Stills; Reflections of Boston Cathedral by Hazel Shaw; Beach Walkers by Stuart Hartharn; Whitby Abbey by Paul Coggan.

Projected Plus category: 1. Oil Rig in a Snowstorm by Mike Morley; 2. Brimham Rocks at Sunset by Karen Noble; 3.Spiragraph by Andrew Munden; 4. An Insect from My Garden by Mike Morley. Highly commended: Bamburgh Evening by John Ash; Sunrise by Wendy Ferguson; The Devil Inside by Andrew Munden.

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