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Image of the Month: August 2015

Sometimes a situation calls for speedy guesswork to grab that important shot such as this one of a bottle-nosed dolphin. Ian Ferguson tells the story behind our latest image of the month.

A recent visit to the Northumberland coast included a visit to the Farne Islands.

We hoped to see feeding puffins and survive the aerial attack of the arctic terns; both objectives were achieved.

The trip back to Seahouses was uneventful until the pilot of the boat spotted a pod of bottle-nosed dolphin, estimated to be about ten. They escorted the boat for a while, bow surfing, then put on an acrobatic display. A memorable end to the trip.

Not knowing where the dolphins were going to surface meant "best guessing " the camera settings.

I set the aperture to 5.6, the shutter speed and focus on auto.

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