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Image of the Month: December 2015

A short presentation on the art of street photography earlier this year by club member Phil Robbins went down a treat with members with a list of top tips. Here he finds a scene that is quieter but big on visual impact with its leading lines, geometric shapes and marked shadows. Phil explains the story behind taking the picture.

In the last week of October, I was wandering in Ibiza Town on a bright sunny morning, photographing patterns and shadows. I was attracted to this interesting terrace, with lots of balconies and fittings casting shadows on the white walls.

The young lady with her phone seemed to balance the scene. I managed to fire off a couple of shots before she stood up and rushed across the road – I think she had spotted a customer going into the shop where she worked.

Travelling light, I was using my Canon G7X compact, ideal for street photography because it is unobtrusive with a virtually silent shutter. Set at a rather high, 400 ISO, to cope with dramatic changes in light and shadow, almost every time you turn a corner. The aperture priority was set at f11 and gave a shutter speed of 1/800 in this case.

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