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Image of the Month: January 2016

Close Encounter by Wendy Ferguson.
Being alert to the unexpected pays off as club member Wendy Ferguson will testify. A quick response while on a visit to Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park got this picture that shows the divide between animal and human worlds. Wendy takes up the story.

We were there to watch the elk rut. According to the locals, the elk were there first and we are the visitors. They were free to roam in the parks, golf courses and the high street.

The day started with lots of dark threatening clouds. Over the past couple of days, the weather had changed and our luck seemed to have run out. Chances of taking pictures of elk rutting with blue sky and white clouds were looking grim!

We set off in the afternoon even though the weather had not improved a great deal. With the weather cooler, we were out hoping that our chances of seeing the elk rutting would be higher. No chance! There were elks out and with their harems but not much action. There were lots of spectators, along with many photographers with their big long lenses set on tripods! Felt a bit threatened.

The evening turned out to be quite pleasant but cold, chances of rain still high, but with the low clouds coming in over the mountains and occasional breaks in the clouds, it gave the area an atmospheric feel.

Suddenly I heard a lady telling her friend: “Look there. Hope they see the elk. It's heading towards them!”

I turned and, there in the distance in the valley, I could see these two people and the elk heading their way. They should not have in the valley area as it closes to the public every evening at 5 pm during the rutting season.

The scene was played out rather quickly in front of me. The elk was heading fast in the direction of the two people who, by now were also aware of the elk’s presence. I quickly fired a few shots off before it was all over and hoping for the best. No time to compose and think about the rule of thirds.

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