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2015-2016 Chairman's Choice Competition

THEME: Reflections
JUDGE: Kathryn Widdowson, commercial photographer

Mike Morley's Moraine Lake took first place
 in the print category.
Spoon Bending secured the top spot in the projected
category for Jane Rowland.
Andrew Munden's Floodlands took the top honours
in the projected plus category.

PRINT CATEGORY: 1. Moraine Lake, Canada by Mike Morley; 2. The Five Phoneboxes in Covent Garden by Karen Noble; 3. Knaresborough Viaduct Reflection by Mike Morley; 4. Rowing into Summer's Haze by Mervin Straughan. Highly commended: New Street Station Exit by Phil Robbins; Water Jump by Phil Robbins; Squirrel Retrieving a Dropped Nut by Phil Robbins; Three Sisters by Andrew Munden; The Pin Mill at Bodnant Gardens by Karen Noble; Reflections in Llyn Glaslyn by Stuart Whitfield.

PROJECTED CATEGORY:  1. Spoon Bending by Jane Rowland; 2. Sydney Opera House by Phil Robbins; 3. Reflections from the Oslo Opera House Roof by Stuart Whitfield; 4. Night on the Tyne by Ian Ferguson. Highly commended: The Wine Shop by David Sedgwick; Road Shopping by Brian Seldon; Drinking in the Road by Phil Robbins; Looking at the White House by Mike Wood; Chasing Dreams by Micah Moreland; Crescendo by Jane Rowland.

PROJECTED PLUS CATEGORY: 1. Floodlands by Andrew Munden; 2. The Eye by Wendy Ferguson; 3, Hamilton by Richard Bryant; 4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Wendy Ferguson. Highly commended: Face in a Lake by Mike Morley; Fall at Maroon Lake by Wendy Ferguson, Swan by Karen Noble, Cycling in Hyde Park by Karen Noble; Reflected Heavenly Glory by Mervin Straughan; The Lake House by Mervin Straughan.

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