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Image of the Month: February 2016

Suffering for Art by Micah Moreland.

Micah Moreland drew admiration from our portrait guest judge Giles Rocholl for boldly working at an unfamiliar style when he presented this image, Suffering for Art, as part of a series. Micah explains the inspiration and technique for taking them.

For my A-level photography class, which had a theme of flaws, I decided to try out a technique of portrait photography very different than what I've ever seen. One day I came across a photographer named Hid Saib who did a "Neon" photo-shoot with his models covered in fluorescent paint under ultraviolet lights. The effect was instantly interesting, different, and had a fashion or science fiction sense to it.

With the help of my mom, fellow Knaresborough Camera Club member Karen Noble, and her daughter Amy as the model, we did a photo-shoot to see what I could come up with. I splattered and sprinkled layers of the paint onto Amy's face, neck, and shoulders to resemble stars. At the end I also dripped the paint down her face to make her have alien-like tribal markings for a different effect.

For this particular image I used a brush tool to change the colours and clarity of the paint specks to create depth and further the illusion that she is made out of stars. I've always had a deep interest in space and love science fiction movies and video games so I ultimately wanted these photos to convey a mysterious, otherworldly being. I had a lot of fun with this technique and will definitely experiment with it more in the future.

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