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2015-2016 Annual Competition


Bryce Amphitheatre, Utah, won the print category for Stuart Whitfield. 
Stuart Whitfield completed a double by taking first place in the projected 
category with this image entitled Winter in the Langdales.
Andrew Munden's One Tree Hill won the projected plus category.

PRINT CATEGORY: 1. Winter in the Langdales by Stuart Whitfield; 2. Slot Canyon by Wendy Ferguson; 3. Heritage Fishing Boats by Mike Wood; 4. A Beautiful Death by Micah Moreland. Highly commended: Squirrel's Lunchtime by Dave Sedgwick; Three Sisters by Andrew Munden; Wasp Portrait by Andrew Munden.

PROJECTED CATEGORY: 1. Bryce Amphithatre by Stuart Whitfield; 2. Busy Bee by Stuart Whitfield; 3. Elegant 80s by Micah Moreland; 4. Tiger Cub by Jane Rowland. Highly commended: A Long Walk Down a Wavy Beach by Noel Evans; Post-walk Pint by Jane Rowland;  A Jump through the Trees by Phil Robbins; Sunny Street Scene, Ibiza, by Phil Robbins.

PROJECTED PLUS CATEGORY: 1. One Tree Hill by Andrew Munden; 2. A Close Encounter by Wendy Ferguson; 3. Northern Lights by Mike Morley; 4. Reflection by Mike Morley. Highly commended: Selfie Hole by Karen Noble; Don't Make Her Angry by Mervin Straughan; The Birds by Karen Noble; Milky Way over Skyline Arch by Wendy Ferguson.

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