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Image of the Month: August 2016

For some photographers, Newcastle and Gateshead are often best seen from the riverside as Ian Ferguson's night-time shot demonstrates. 

The area is synonymous with impressive-looking bridges even more so since the construction of the Millennium Bridge, a pedestrian and cyclist tilting structure. It opened in 2001, linking Gateshead's quay's arts quarter on the south bank and Newcastle's quayside on the north bank.The structure is often referred to as the Blinking  Eye or Winking Eye Bridge on account of the shape its tilt makes

Ian's Night on the Tyne was taken on a cold, still night in late October through the locked gate leading to the pontoon.

He said: "I like the way the coloured lights on the pontoon make a 'lead line' to the fishing boat and then to the arch and reflection of the Millennium Bridge.

"To avoid camera shake during the long exposure the camera was on a tripod with mirror in the locked-up position and the shutter released using a remote control."

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