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2016-2017 Open Competition


The Blacksmith secured first for Andrew Munden in the print category.
Sylvia Jackson took first place in the projected category 
with End of the Photoshoot.
Wendy Ferguson's Dunes Walkers was awarded a first 
in the projected plus category.

PRINT CATEGORY: 1, The Blacksmith, Andrew Munden; 2. Folly, Robert Harris; 3. Pecking Order, Robert Harris . Highly commended:  Always Together, Sylvia Jackson; Clifford's Tower, Mike Morley; Shadows on a Wall, Phil Robbins; Gallons Steps, Phl Robbins; Bird's Eye View, Stuart Whitfield; The Montpellier Quarter, Stuart Whitfield; Patterned Street, Olhao, Stuart Whitfield.

PROJECTED CATEGORY: 1. End of the Photoshoot, Sylvia Jackson; 2. Boat Waiting for the Right Owner, Paul Coggan; 3. Shed Hornbeam, Robert Harris. Highly commended: Shake Those Trees, Clive Beake; Mont Blanc Silhouetted in the Evening Sun, Noel Evans; Blackheaded Gull, Lesley Harris; Solitude, Robert Harris; First Light of the Day, Robert Harris.

PROJECTED PLUS CATEGORY: 1. Dunes Walkers, Wendy Ferguson; 2. Mother and Foal, Phil Robbins; 3. Glorious Rays on a Summer's Day, Mike Wood. Highly commended: Watching You, Ian Ferguson; Pile of Stones, Mike Morley; Tartan Painting, Andrew Munden; Wasp Profile, Andrew Munden; Damp and Dejected, Phil Robbins; Gannet in the Mist, Stuart Whitfield. Regeneration Reflected, Mervin Straughan; Airborne, Mervin Straughan.

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