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Image of the Month: October 2016

Spellbound ... we had to do a double take when we caught sight of this amazing spooky cloud formation taken by club member Mike Wood. 

It serves as an apt reminder that timing and keen observation skills are crucial for securing that cracking image. And a familiar saying about the best camera being the one you have with you at the time comes to mind.

The photograph was taken back in 2010 in Florida shortly after the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery from the Kennedy Space Centre.  Mike takes up the story.

"As it began to get light, this eerie cloud formation seemed to appear from nowhere. 

"I was in the car at the time stuck in gridlocked traffic. Luckily, I had my compact camera in my pocket so was able to capture this image of what to me looked like someone sat on a broomstick. 

"The sun was rising and the early rays caught the back of the cloud providing pink illumination which gave the impression the broomstick was powered. I was amazed to see this image in the sky  and having my compact camera to hand enabled me to capture the image."

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