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2016-2017 Monochrome Competition


Stuart Whitefield won the print section with his 
picture of Henrietta Street, Whitby.
This shot of Scaleber Foss won first prize in the projected category
for Richard Bryant.
Winter Solitude earned Andrew Mundern a first place
in the projected plus category.

Print category: 1. Stuart Whitfield. Henrietta Street, Whitby; 2.Robert Harris, Robert; 3. Robert Harris, Rural Lines; 4, Mervin Straughan, As If He Owned the Joint. Highly commended: Mike Morley, York Minster; Phil Robbins, By the Light of the Mobile; Stuart Whitfield, Faro Old Town.

Projected category: 1. Richard Bryant, Scaleber Foss; 2. Sylvia Jackson, Early Morning. Leeds Station; 3.Rodney Thompson, Whitby West Pier, 4. Stuart Hartharn, A Door to the Past. Highly commended: Richard Bryant, Herdy in the Shadows; Robert Harris; Distracted, Robert Harris, Nature and Man's Influence.

Projected plus category: 1. Andrew Munden, Winter Solitude; 2. Mike Morley, Knaresborough Floods; 3. Andrew Munden, Under the Over; 4. Wendy Ferguson, Sand Dune Hikers. Highly commended: Andrew Munden, Hepworth; Wendy Ferguson, Riverside, Gateshead; Wendy Ferguson, Fishing at Bow Lake.

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