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Image of the Month: December 2016

Everyone likes a sunset but sometimes the best shots can be taken after the event. Take club member Mike Morley, for instance, who grabbed this beautiful and serene image 14 minutes afterwards. Mike takes up the story.

This often-taken photo from the Lake District is a small jetty on Derwent Water in Keswick.

It was a lovely summer evening and I got into position early with my tripod.  I took about 250 photos over 75 minutes and all from exactly the same spot. As I did not really know the best way to take the photo, I tried every technique I could think of: long exposures, short exposures, filters, polarisers, HDR, silhouettes, different depths of field and so on.

Afterwards, it was a challenge against boredom to look so many similar photos on my computer but it made me wonder at what point did I think was the best sunset point and technique used so that next time I could know which part of the evening to concentrate on.

Watching the sun dropping in the sky was spectacular to watch but my favourite photo was taken 14 minutes after it had dropped behind the hill. This was a two-minute exposure with a big stopper filter to streak the moving clouds.

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