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Image of the Month: January 2017

A commuter's life: Leeds rail station
by Sylvia Jackson.
If you're a sunshine-only photographer, you'll miss some of your best possible shots. That's the view of club member Sylvia Jackson who retraced her former commuting journey to get this image.

Sylvia was up bright and early in miserable weather to get this shot outside one of the exits leading from Leeds rail station. It was misty, cold and damp.

She said: "I wanted to capture the  mood and atmosphere of the early morning wintry weather. Having been a commuter for many years, I remembered only too well looking at such a scene and then hurrying on to get into the warmth of the office.

"The mist partially covering the building opposite just added to the effect. Initially I printed this photo in colour and only changed it into black and white for the recent mono competition. I was surprised how much better it represented the mood I was trying to create."

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