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Image of the Month: February 2017

The Hurt by Robert Harris.

Most photographers have a favourite location and, in the case of club member Robert Harris, it's Northumberland. It's helped him secure several memorable images. Robert explains:

I have visited Northumberland for over ten years, I love the place; it is full of history and photographic opportunities. For the past few years, I have been putting off going to the Farne Islands, generally finding any excuse not to go. This year, I promised I would and booked a trip to visit two islands early in the year to see the puffins. We took the day boat and visited them. What a good day.

It was so good, I had to go back three weeks later and do the trip again. During the second visit, we were walking around with another thirty photographers. Some very large lenses could be seen. I was using a 100 to 400 zoom. I found my spot and sat and watched what was happening around me.

On the cliff edge I noticed a gull going towards the nesting guillemots. I spent some time watching it and was rewarded by the image The Hurt.

I like the photograph for two reasons, one for getting the image of the guillemot pecking the gull and the gull getting the egg and, secondly, capturing how life can be so brutal, just how nature is.

Will I be going again? Yes, yes yes!

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