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2016-2017 Annual Competition

This shot of Whitby's Henrietta Street earned
Stuart Whitfield first place in the print category.
Sylvia Jackson's Enhanced Reflections, Leeds Station,
took first place in the projected category. 
Bird's Eye View by Stuart Whitfield was the winning
shot in the projected plus category.


Print category: 1. Stuart Whitfield, Henrietta Street, Whitby; 2. Mike Morley, Fountains Abbey; 3. Sylvia Jackson, Inspired by Ilkley Moor; 4. Andrew Munden, The Girl in Rose. Highly commended: Sylvia Jackson, Lady in Red; Lesley Harris, Reed Bunting; Andrew Munden, Brutality in a Soft Sky; Phil Robbins, Gently Sailing; Phil Robbins, Blue and White; Mike Morley, Autumn Snow. 

Projected category:1. Sylvia Jackson, Enhanced Reflections, Leeds Station; 2. Rodney Thompson, West Pier at Dawn, Whitby; 3.Robert Harris, One Wet Rainy Day in December; 4. Lesley Harris, Wagtail. Highly commended: Clive Beake, Florence, 6.45am; Robert Harris, Remembrance.

Projected plus category:1. Stuart Whitfield, Bird's Eye View; 2. Andrew Munden, Goth Girl; 3. Phil Robbins, Mother and Foal; 4. Andrew Munden, Winter Solitutude. Highly commended: Phil
Robbins, Smoker in a Doorway; Ian Ferguson, Watching You; Stuart Whitfield, Lone Tree, Brimham; Phil Robbins, Gathering Storms over Bamburgh.

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