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Image of the Month: April 2017

Changing light, changing mood: Whitby's west pier
by Rod Thompson.
Some places are firm favourites among our collections of photographs because we have a connection. For club member Rod Thompson, it's Whitby's west pier that has special significance as he explains.

Whitby has always been on of my favourite places to visit. One reason for this is that my wife is a 'Whitby girl' who was brought up in the town, but had to leave to find employment when she grew up. Consequently, we visit several times a year, often spending a few nights there so that we can enjoy it when the day trippers have left.

The west pier has always been a favourite destination. I'm regularly amazed at the way the light changes even over a short period of time. This photo was taken early one frosty morning in February, hence the frost on the wooden walkway. It's my intention to build up a portfolio of photos showing the pier at various times of the year and, therefore, showing itself in different light.

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