Our indoor season is now over but we will be having some outdoor evening photography meetups in the local area through the summer months. New members are welcome and there is no charge!

Looking to join? Your questions answered

Sylvia Jackson's Enhanced Reflections:
a recent club competition-winning
Hello. This area of our website is for those photography fans who would like to join our camera club or learn more. Enrolment is now under way for our September 2018 to April 2019 new programme. We'll continue enrolling members until around Christmas time. After that, you're still welcome as a guest. In the meantime, we answer some of your questions below. If you'd like to be put on our email news bulletin circulation list or want more information, drop us a line at

Q: I have no experience in taking photographs, so, won't it be too advanced for me?
A: Not at all. The programme is designed for people with varying levels of experience. Many of our members started just knowing the correct button to press to take a photograph. They'll tell you themselves how much their photography has developed. And there's plenty for members at more advanced levels as they continue to raise the bar with the club.

Q: When and where does the club meet?
A: We meet on Wednesdays, starting at 7.45pm and finishing for a cuppa around 9.30pm. The indoor season runs from 12 September 2018 until our annual general meeting on 10 April 2019. We're at Chain Lane Community Hub, a modern and comfortable building in Knaresborough and a great base for our club.

Q: I couldn't make the enrolment night on 12 September ... what do I do?
A: No problem. We keep enrolment going. Once we're into the new year, and half way through the programme, you're more than welcome to join or simply pay your weekly fee as a guest and take out membership the following season. Whatever suits. You do however need to be a member to enter our competitions.

Q: Do I have to enter these competitions if I become a member?
A: There's no requirement for members to enter competitions though most do as they learn by gauging feedback on their work. Having your work judged can provide a different perspective.

Q: Who judges the competitions?
A: We try to invite local professionals to judge our work.

Q: I only have a tiny press-and-point camera ... will that be any good?
A: We're interested in your passion for photography not your equipment. Some of our members have won competitions with a humble compact camera. We'll help you learn the composition, exposure and lighting techniques to grab that special photograph.

We'll be ready to go, soon.
A competition-winning photo
 by Paul Coggan.
Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: Our annual subscriptions are:

  • £40 per adult
  • £70 per couple
  • £20 per student
  • Guests: the first evening anytime during the indoor season is free and, thereafter is £4 per week. 

Q: How do I register my interest in joining?
A: Come along. In the meantime, you can drop us an email and we'll put you on the news bulletin

Q: Why is it better to join than simply paying my £4 each week as a guest?
A: Membership brings you more. This is how you benefit:

  • Access to other enthusiasts who'll spend time helping develop your technique.
  • Cost effective — membership works out cheaper than guest fees over the course of the season.
  • Eligibility to enter our in-house, interclub, YPU and related competitions.
  • Free link to your photography-related website in the members' section of this site.
  • Profile — we regularly profile our members' work on this site, Flickr and in the local media. 
  • Presentations, speaker slots and other and opportunities to share your knowledge.
  • Regular news items from our club secretary.
  • We're often granted access to some great locations so make sure you get access, too, by being one of our group.

Q: What has the club lined up for the season?
A: We feature competitions, guest speakers, workshops and discussions prompted by members.

You can see the full programme for this season here
We'll look forward to seeing you at the club.