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2017-2018 open competition

Mike Morley's Mountain Scenery took first prize in the print section.
Paul Taylor's How Hill was the projected category's first place winner.
Lone Tree at Sunrise, Namib Desert won the projected plus
category for Phil Robbins.

Print category: 1. Mike Morley, Mountain Scenery; 2. Andrew Munden, Child of the Forest; 3. Stuart Whitfield, Queen's Garden Bryce; 4. Mervin Straughan, When the Day Trippers Have Gone. Highly commended: Robert Harris, Autumn Rinse, Phil Robbins, A Landscape with Power; Andrew Munden, Movement and Stasis; Sylvia Jackson, Sunshine at Leeds Station.

Projected category: Paul Taylor, How Hill; 2.Paul Taylor, Aurora over Hawes; 3. Joanne Fleetham, Sleeping Cat; 4. Lisa Johnson, Industry. Highly commended: Joanne Fleetham, In the Lead; Andrew Ison, Gardener; Stuart Whatson, Christ Church, Marton; Thomas Feetham, Oops!

Projected plus category: Phil Robbins, Lone Tree at Sunrise, Namib Desert; 2. Andrew Munden, Abbatoir Spheres; 3. Phil Robbins, Face to Face with a Red Admiral; 4. Phil Robbins, It's Exciting in the Tunnel. Highly commended: Stuart Whitfield, Whitby from Sandsend; Stuart Whitfield, Suburbia; Lesley Harris, Where's My Food; Sylvia Jackson, Linear Kaleidoscope, Leeds Station.