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2017-2018 mono competition

French Alps Mountain Peak secured first prize in the print category 
for Mike Morley.
This dramatic shot entitled Wall of Water won
the projected category for Paul Taylor.
This projected plus category-winning shot of Posforth Gill
was taken by Wendy Ferguson.

Print category: 1. Mike Morley, French Alps Mountain Peak; 2. Stuart Whitfield, Pier Perspective; 3. Ian Ferguson, Dodgy Motor; 4. Andrew Munden, Almscliffe Crag. Highly commended: Ian Ferguson, Half Dome, Yosemite Valley; Joanne Fleetham, Looking out to Sea; Joanne Fleetham, One Man and His Guitar; Joanne Fleetham, Mountain View; Lesley Harris, Estuary; Lesley Harris, Flying Display; Mike Morley, Ghost Cyclists; Phil Robbins, Into the Clearing; Robert Harris, Ravenglass Sea Defences; Robert Harris, Catching up with Art; Robert Harris, Look Right; Stuart Watson, Betty's; Stuart Whitfield, Knaresborough in the Grip of Winter.

Projected category: 1. Paul Taylor, Wall of Water; 2. Paul Taylor, Northern Echo; 3. Paul Taylor, The Hoffman Kiln; 4. Noel Evans, Clouds, Cliff, Sea and Sand. Highly commended: Andrew Ison, Tuba View; Alan Pounder, Sunset and Clouds; Anthony Johnson, Never Ending Chain; Clive Beake, Plockton Morning;  Hazel Graves, The Reading Room; Ian Ferguson, Last Light on Mount Revelstoke; Joanne Fleetham, Sleepy Seals; Noel Evans, The Doorway to a Sea to Play in; Noel Evans, A Man, a Cliff and a Cave; Rodney Thompson; Bamburgh Reflections, Stuart Hartharn, Lead Smelting Chimneys, Cumbria; Stuart Watson, If in Doubt, Give a Clout;  Stuart Watson, Haunted Church.

Projected plus category: 1. Wendy Ferguson, Posforth Gill; 2. Andrew Munden, Admiring the View; 3. Lesley Harris, Cotton Top; 4. Wendy Ferguson, A Place to Reflect. Highly commended: Andrew Munden Nerves; Lesley Harris, Twisted Heron; Mike Morley, Drying Off after a River Swim; Mike Morley, Fog on the Stray, Harrogate; Mike Morley, Winter Frost; Robert Harris, Silver Birch; Phil Robbins, Urban Twilight; Sylvia Jackson, Late Winter Sun; Stuart Whitfield, Large Standing Stone, Orkney.

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