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  1. http://www.walkingphotographertours.com/walking-photographer-social.php
    If you're like me when out on walks and you find yourself (and your camera) trailing some metres behind the rest of the group. Or if you find yourself rushing your photos to avoid holding the group up, then the Walking Photographer Social is just what you need!

    Walking Photographer Socials give people the chance to join an inspiring walk while having enough time to take photos. They are also a really enjoyable way to practice, learn and develop your photography skills.

  2. Not only does Photoshop and Lightroom offer people the chance to turn great pictures into stunning photos, it can also be pretty fun! Since the launch of Adobe's subscription package, the software is more accessible than ever before.

    This practical workshop offers an engaging introduction to anyone who wants to start using Photoshop and Lightroom. The lesson removes the complexities often experience when first faced with these sophisticated programs.

    Breaking it down into the essentials you'll be introduced to a whole new world of possibilities for your photography.

    Here's an overview of what the lesson covers:

    - Shooting, converting & enhancing RAW format photography
    - Best practice for importing & exporting images with Lightroom
    - Essential Lightroom techniques for simple but powerful picture improvements
    - Walk through the tools & key menus of Photoshop
    - A closer look at the significant Photoshop tools
    - Learn to clean up & remove unwanted elements of photos
    - How to use the right settings for exporting photos to different media (web, print, books etc.)

    For more information and booking please visit http://www.walkingphotographertours.com/photoshop-lightroom-lessons.php

    Outside The Box Cafe
    2 Bridge Lane,
    West Yorkshire,
    LS29 9HN


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Saturday 29 June 2016: brief event details with web address.

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