Welcome to Knaresborough Camera Club

Here we answer some of the more frequently asked questions about being a member of Knaresborough Camera Club. 

Q: Do you meet in person or online?
A: Both. Given the success of Zoom during the pandemic, it's likely we'll continue to use the technology for securing popular speakers and competition judges from outside the region. This also enables more vulnerable members to stay connected. We meet in person for the practical elements of the programme and during our spring and summer outdoor season.

You might be pleased to know that our first Zoom meetings are free so you can see what you think. And if you'd like to be on our email list, there's a link on the home page or if you want more information then drop us a line at knaresboroughcameraclub@yahoo.com.

Q: I've no photography experience  won't it be too advanced for me?
A: Not at all. The programme is for people of all levels of experience. Many members started by only knowing the one button on their camera or phone to press to take a photograph. They'll tell you how much their photography has developed since joining the club. And there's plenty for members at more advanced levels as they continue to help the club raise the bar.

Q: What does a typical season look like?
A: During the indoor season, we do our best to provide a good spread of topics that will interest everyone. There are competitions, discussion evenings, guest speakers, learn from the expert sessions, and show and tells where we talk about our work.

During the outdoor season, we're out and about putting our skills to good use. 

Q: When and where does the club meet?
A: Wednesdays evenings for the full group meeting and fortnightly on Monday evenings for the Mondays at Seven group. The indoor programme runs from September to April and our outdoor spring-summer programme runs from May until August.

In summer, you'll find us at various locations throughout the district practising our photography skills.

Q: Tell me more about the Monday at Seven Group
A: We launched it at the time of the first lockdown in 2020 and it's been going strong ever since. There's usually anywhere up to a dozen of us, a mix of beginners and old hands. This smaller gathering allows us to discuss how to develop our personal styles. We also share a lot of insights such as great places to check out, camera settings for specific situations, and our experiences with the raft of photo-editing software products. And there's a healthy exchange of views.

Q: When is club enrolment?
A: You can join anytime during the season but we'd encourage you to enrol as early as possible so that you get the most from our comprehensive programme. Once we're into the new year, and half-way through the programme, then it might be easier to opt to pay the weekly guest fee and then take out membership in the following season. Whatever suits. It's worth noting that to enter our competitions, you need to be a member.

Q: Can non-members enter the club competitions?
A: No. This is a benefit of membership.

Q: Do I have to enter the competitions if I become a member?
A: There's no obligation to enter competitions but they are popular because they allow members to benefit from constructive feedback on their work. Having your work judged can provide a different perspective.

Q: Who judges the competitions?
A: Our judges are experienced photographers from all over the country.

Q: How else can I gain feedback to see how I'm progressing?
A: Another popular part of our programme is our Show and Tell spot where members present some of their images to the group and seek feedback. The images might be from a project they've been working on, a style they're wanting to develop, or even about a new technique they've learnt. Feedback is always constructive because our ethos is about creating a safe space in which our members can learn and have fun. And our more experienced members are always happy to provide advice to help everyone on their photography journey.

Q: I only have a tiny press-and-point camera... will that be any good?
A: We're interested in your passion for photography not your equipment. Some of our members have won competitions with a compact camera or mobile phone. We're here to help you learn the composition, exposure and lighting techniques to grab that special photograph. And remember the saying that the best camera is the one you have with you at the time.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: Our annual subscriptions are:
  • £50 per adult
  • £90 per couple
  • £30 per student

Q: How do I register my interest in joining?
A: Drop us an email at knaresboroughcameraclub@yahoo.com

Membership brings you more. This is how you benefit:
  • Access to other enthusiasts who'll spend time helping develop your technique.
  • A supportive learning environment.
  • Cost effective — membership works out cheaper than guest fees over the course of the season.
  • Eligibility to enter our in-house, interclub, YPU and related competitions.
  • Profile — we regularly profile our members' work on this website, in local media and on social media.
  • Presentations, speaker slots and other opportunities to share your knowledge.
  • Regular news items from our club secretary.
  • In addition to our full Wednesday group meeting, we also run a smaller group that meets approximately every two weeks to discuss photography matters in greater detail. This is particularly popular with new starters.
  • We're often granted access to some great locations so make sure you get access, too, by being one of our group.

Q: What has the club lined up for next season?
A: We've been working with members to plan our next schedule. Based on feedback so far, popular events such as competitions, guest speakers, workshops and discussions will continue to feature.

We look forward to seeing you at our club.