Our indoor season is now over but we will be having some outdoor evening photography meetups in the local area through the summer months. New members are welcome and there is no charge!

Club rules

Knaresborough Camera Club rules
  1. The club shall be known as Knaresborough Camera Club
  2. The aim of the club shall be the promotion of still photography, as well as the encouragement and instruction of the novice.
  3. The property and management of the affairs of the club shall be vested in a committee consisting of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and a minimum of two members, all to be elected annually.  At committee meetings four members shall form a quorum, and at the annual general meeting, five.
  4. Membership of the club implies an understanding to comply with and abide by the club rules.
  5. The chairman shall not remain in office for a period exceeding two consecutive years unless the committee decides to make an exception, and re-election shall be sought at each AGM.
  6. The secretary shall perform those duties normally required of a secretary, and will keep members informed of the club’s activities and points of interest throughout the session. A report will be given at the AGM. as to the club’s progress.
  7. The treasurer shall collect subscriptions, keep receipts, be responsible for all agreed payments and keep correct records of these.  An audited balance sheet shall be presented at the AGM.
  8. Cheques shall require the signature of any two of the following officers: the chairman, secretary, or treasurer.
  9. The committee shall have the power to co-op members to assist in the running of the club, and to appoint committee members to assist officers
  10. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March or April each year and shall be the meeting which appoints officers and committee for the ensuing twelve months. Nominations having been held by the secretary for at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.
  11. A special meeting may be called at the written request of 5 (five) members in a letter to the secretary, and will define the nature of the business required to be considered. Fourteen (14) days notice must be given.
  12. Club meetings will normally be held on Wednesday evenings at a time the committee of the day find convenient. Support meetings may be arranged for dates and times as required.
  13. The annual subscription shall be decided at the AGM, consideration to be given to students and married couples concessionary rates. Subscriptions are due at the start of the autumn session.
  14. Arrears of subscription shall be notified by the treasurer to the committee after one month, after one further month, non-payment may result in disqualification of membership.
  15. Members may be asked to resign, be barred from continuing membership of the club, by decision of the committee. Any such members shall have the right of appeal, which will be treated as private and confidential.
  16. The casting vote at all meetings will be vested in the chairman, who is the principal officer of the club.
  17. Public Liability Insurance will be arranged by the committee (The club shall not be liable for personal loss on club premises howsoever caused)
  18. At the discretion of the committee, honorary membership may be considered for services to the club.
  19. Alteration or amendment to these rules henceforth can only be considered at the Annual General Meeting.

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