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Competition Rules

Knaresborough Camera Club competition rules

It is the policy of the committee to encourage active photography within the club.

All members should endeavour to produce new work for competition entry.

1:1 All entries shall be marked with a title (if any), competition category and members name. With prints this information shall appear on the reverse, the title ONLY may appear on the front

1:2 All entries shall be handed to the competitions secretary on or before the submission date (indicated by an ‘S’ in the programme) with an entry form.


The competitions secretary shall record the receipt of each entry and shall check the validity
of each within these rules.

1:3 Entries shall only be accepted from fully paid-up members and honorary life members.

1:4 An entry may be temporarily retained by the committee for use in inter-club competitions or exhibitions.

1:5 Unless specifically requested otherwise on the entry form, it will be assumed that all entries shall be available for the YPU. competitions and possible selection by them for the Photographic Alliance Competitions.

1:6 In any one year an image once submitted in a competition class (e.g. Portrait Colour Print) may only be re-submitted in the Annual Competition. An entry will not be acceptable if it has won an award in any Club Competition of a previous year.

1:7 The judges for competitions will be invited by the committee.

1:8 Awards are made annually at the discretion of the committee.

1:9 Entries must be appropriate to the subject (if any) given in the programme.

1:10 The Annual Competitions are open i.e. All categories are eligible.

1:11 All photographs must be the unaided work of the entrant, but slides, colour negatives, and prints may be trade processed.

1:12 The submission of an entry shall imply acceptance of these rules.

1:13 The decision of the committee is final in the interpretation and application of these rules.

 2 Entries for the “Chairman’s Choice” competition must have been taken since the date of the last AGM

Colour and monochrome prints

3:1 The club has one class for colour and monochrome Prints.

3:2 Three entries up to a maximum size of 500mm X 400mm (20” x 16”) including the mount may be submitted in each competition. PRINTS SHALL BE MOUNTED.


4:1 The club has two classes  for Projected work, Projected and Projected+.

4:2 Three entries digital or slides or a combination not exceeding three.
2” x 2” slides may be submitted in each competition. The Slides MUST be ‘spotted’ in the bottom left-
 hand corner of the mount as seen when viewed by hand. The slides  will be digitally scanned by the club
 for entry if not already done by the Member.

For digital please see the digital rules sheet. Available from the competition secretary

Competitions – definition of classes

CREATIVITY – A creation of the author which stimulates the mind of the viewer through the creative use of line, form or colour.  It also includes the manipulation of the image either through the camera or its creation in the printing stage and/or the combination of transparencies or negatives.

MOVEMENT – The picture to depict movement in or of the subject, be it human, natural or mechanical.

NATURAL HISTORY – Subjects shall be of any untamed animas or uncultivated plants in a natural habitat and any natural geological formation.  The subject must occur naturally without any interference from man.

PICTORIAL – Covers any subject that does not qualify for any of the accompanying classes or when any of them are not included as a specific KCC competition.

PORTRAIT – Includes human figure studies and/or groups of a portrait nature.
Animal studies can be included in this class.

RECORD – Shall include any man-made object, building or part thereof, ancient or modern or any archaeological item.

SET SUBJECT – This will be chosen by the club chairman each year.
The photographs for submission shall have been taken between the date of the competition and the previous Annual General meeting when the subject is announced.

SPORT/PASTIMES/PHOTO-JOURNALISM – Includes pictures of sporting activities, hobbies and pastimes end events or subjects similar to those photographically illustrated in newspapers or magazines.

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