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AGM minutes 2014-2015

Knaresborough Camera Club annual meeting 1 April 2015

Members present: 24

Meeting began: 7.50pm

Apologies: Mike Wood, Alex Straughan

Minutes read: proposed, Graeme Glass, seconded Mervin Straughan.

Chairman's notes: secretary had turned to untested commercial judges and speakers during the season with an emphasis on increasing the number of women. This had paid dividends as they had clearly enjoyed their experiences and membership feedback was good.

Other points to note

  • Six of the Best well supported.
  • More members got involved in practicals.
  • Social media evening well attended.
  • Website:  25-40 hits per day so a good recruiting vehicle; regular emails via website from potential speakers though some of these would be cost prohibitive.
  • Social media activity: Twitter: almost 1,000 followers and Facebook now much improved thanks to Janet's efforts.
  • Publicity: the club is now submitting a weekly report to the Knaresborough Post and this has worked well.
  • Treasurer's report: small drop in membership fees. Believe Amazon funds still going into Steve's account pending finalisation of fees; some print work and other purchases such as cups etc increasing our costs. Higher membership has increased YPU fees; we bought lighting backdrop. Loss on year but still comfortable with cash at bank. Fees seem appropriate and will remain unchanged.
  • Competition secretary report: good entries and excellent judges. 
  • Mike Morley suggested we hold a library of images for YPU contests including the digital files of our prints. similar suggestion for club images for publicity. 
  • The club recorded its thanks to Mervin for his efforts as secretary during the previous season and acknowledged Mike Morley's efforts with the YPU competitions.

Elected officers
Chairman and print competition secretary as per sheet; secretary role left open for a few weeks; Andrew Munden as digital competition secretary;  treasurer Graeme Glass;  plus committee members Mike Morley and  Karen Noble.

Alternative venues
Committee to investigate Cogs, Chain Lane or Trinity Church Hall options.

Influx of new members
Mervin to investigate the welcome boost in membership from Wetherby.

Beginner suggestion
Celia Sharpe suggested beginners session and more coaching on how to use a camera. Felt sessions were becoming oriented to much towards editing. Consider tabletop session covering topics that could include depth of field.

Warm welcome
Brian Seldon commented on how welcoming we had been.

Practical nights
These included making good use of DVDs, Youtube and a basic tutorial along with more handouts distributed on techniques.

Competition matters
The 2015-2016 theme would be Reflections; Andrew Munden to explore a broader-spread points system for contests; black and white must be black and white. We'll retain projected and projected plus for another year and review as to whether these should be combined.

Summer programme
Mervin made various suggestions for the forthcoming summer programme including Alpacas at a Harrogate farm. and put ideas forward from other members including visiting a car showroom and Ripon Farm Services. Karen Noble offered to investigate possibility of photographing a local rollerblade team.

Date of next year's meeting: 6 April 2016.

Meeting closed at 9.34pm

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