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AGM minutes 2016-2017

KCC AGM 2016 minutes

Phil Robbins
Mike Wood
Janet Tankard
Paul Coggan
Noel and Mandy Evans
Mike Morley

Minutes read
Proposed Clive Beake, seconded Mervin Straughan

Chairman's report
Year of change and experimentation. Comfortable in our new home, thanks to Janet Tankard. Also express my thanks to all who help set up each week. We continued along our alternative path. Met some new judges and speakers. Tried some new things - some worked better than others. Assume we’ll invite Carl back with the reptiles. Now time to hand over to Phil as work balance is difficult.

Social media report
Weekly reports to club section of the Knaresborough Post with  25 articles so far, two national stories, Amateur Photographer and Photography News. Total of 987 twitter followers, including large number of clubs and professional photographers. Twitter provides a good source of judges. Facebook also valuable vehicle. Tweets automatically appear on Facebook. Website has become a key communications tool.

Competition secretary report
To appear here.

Treasurer’s report
Membership consistent. Expenditure only on a couple of models, judges charged nothing this year. Rent unchanged. Minimal profit. Amazon account is now up and running again via a link on the club website.

Election of officers

  • R Bryant, chairman, prop Mervin, sec Jon Sonley
  • P Robbins, secretary, prop Mervin, sec Graeme Glass.
  • G Glass, treasurer, prop Richard, sec Wendy Ferguson
  • Mike Morley, competition secretary,  prop Andrew Munden, sec Brian Seldon
  • Mike Wood, competition secretary, prop Clive Peake, sec Graeme Glass
  • Mervin Straughan, media secretary,  prop Richard, sec Stuart Whitfield
  • Karen Noble, committee member, prop Wendy Ferguson, sec Brian
  • Andrew Munden,  committee member, prop Wendy, sec Stuart
  • Alan Pounder, committee member, prop Andrew, sec Mervin

Chairman Choice competition: Go for Gold

Karen Noble concerned that judge had seen images before. A suggestion for one winter comp to be images from our summer outings.

An ad hoc competition judged by last year's club champion - use the Club Comp as a competition of summer images.

Agreed that we would obtain a Steve Moull cup for the most improved photographer prize.

Discussed our 50th Anniversary.

Next year’s AGM 5/4/17

Meeting closed 8.56

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